MWR UPDATE: Newman in Chase, Gordon, Truex out

Nascar has announced significant penalties for Michael Waltrip Racing. MWR was found to have committed actions detrimental to stock car racing. As a result, Martin Truex Jr has been docked 50 championship points. This penalty was applied to the points standings before the Chase reseeding, knocking Truex out of the Chase and giving the second wild card spot to Ryan Newman. Clint Bowyer has also been hit with a 50 point penalty. It remains to be seen whether that penalty will be applied before the Chase reseeding or with the new points. Nascar has also hit MWR with a massive fine and has suspended their General Manager, Ty Norris. Nascar came down hard on MWR, sending a message that attempts to manipulate the outcome of races will not be tolerated. Their actions reward Ryan Newman, who drove his heart out on Saturday in an attempt to secure the Wild Card spot. However, Jeff Gordon, who lost a spot in the Chase because of MWR’s actions, is still, unfortunately, on the outside looking in.


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