Nascar has a buschwhacking problem. The Xfinity Series is being dominated by one driver. It’s not a series regular, or an upcoming rookie; rather, it’s defending Sprint Cup champ Kyle Busch. Despite being one of the best drivers in the Spring Cup series, he continues to race in the Camping World and Xfinity series against vastly inferior competition. Busch, who won the first 3 Xfinity races of the year, stormed off on Saturday after a blown tire caused him to finish all the way down in…2nd. Not a good look for the sport.

So why does Kyle Busch keep running in the Xfinity Series? He’s essentially running a Cup-lite operation; helping his team prepare for the Sprint Cup feature by logging laps and perfecting set-ups during the earlier events. But Busch’s dominance is bad for the lower series. Supporters argue that his racing keeps fans watching Nascar’s minor leagues, but it also prevents other drivers from gaining exposure and followers of their own. Any draw that Kyle Busch has is eliminated by the boring racing he creates through his dominance. Kyle Busch is much better than the rest of the Xfinity drivers–that’s why they’re still in Xfinity. Busch has enough competition in the Sprint Cup Series–he should either step away from Nascar’s minor leagues or the sport should force him to do so. As long as Kyle Busch is dominating races, Nascar’s younger drivers are missing out on exposure and experience. That’s something no one wants to see.


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