Bringing Back Nascar’s Roots-Heat Racing at Bristol

On Saturday, Bristol will become the first Xfinity Series race in over 40 years to bring back one of Nascar’s most old-school traditions–the heat race. Heat racing was once a staple part of Nascar, and continues to find a home in the Saturday night dirt bullrings across the nation. In the days of 75 car fields, where half the racers showed up in their family cars, heat races were an exciting way of getting local racers involved and getting the local crowd excited before the feature. Now, the heat races serve another purpose. They aren’t just bringing the Xfinity Series a little closer to its roots. They’re also generating interest in Nascar’s up and coming racers.

The heat races are part of Nascar’s Dash 4 Cash series. At four races throughout the spring and summer, Xfinity drivers will run heat races to set the starting lineup. The top two Xfinity drivers in each race will be entered into the Dash 4 Cash contest. The highest finisher out of these four receives $100,000, and repeat winners can boost the amount of cash they earn. Nascar has made a good move by bringing back the heat races. They’ve taken a classic part of Nascar’s history, and are using it to shine attention on the young drivers who will someday be the faces of the sport. It will get fans interested and create some exciting racing.


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